The Family Learning Team

The Family Learning Company Team is comprised of highly experienced figures in education and technology: Kevin Howell, emphasizing inclusive education; Dr. Edward Peña, dedicated to equity initiatives and sustainable education; Jon Bower, with extensive leadership in various educational platforms worldwide; and Dr. Peter Dublin, a veteran in educational software. Their backgrounds span executive roles, technology innovation, diverse educational engagements, and curriculum development. Together, they signify a rich pool of expertise focused on achieving equitable, sustainable, and effective education through technology and inclusive strategies, aiming to enhance learning outcomes for all students.

Kevin Howell
Chief Growth Officer kevin@familylearningcompanycom

Kevin Howell is a highly accomplished Senior Executive, C-Suite Officer, Entrepreneur, Consultant, and Board Member with 20 years of success in education, educational assessment, publishing, software, IT, and technology. In his executive career, Kevin has held positions at Tyrion H, LLC (Founder/Managing Director); CORE K-12 Formative Assessment for College & Career Readiness (Founder/CEO); Edify Learning LLC (CEO); ACT Aspire LLC (President/CEO); Mango Learning (U.S. CEO): The National Education Association (CIO); and McGraw-Hill (SVP/CTO/New Media). Kevin’s broad experience includes international achievements with mobile technologies for education in India. Kevin’s guiding premise is “Every Child Can Achieve”. This inclusive belief serves as an important driver and career constant for Kevin. It brings not only significant learning opportunities to the widest range of challenged children - but also binds personal satisfaction to all Kevin’s professional achievements.

Edward Leña Dierctor of Customer Success eddie@famnilylearningcompany.comn

Dr. Edward Peña has advised Fortune 500 companies and national law firms on their human capital sustainability issues and ESG strategy. Eddie was previously employed with a non-profit organization that sought to advance the hiring, retention, and promotion of diverse lawyers and counsel through various research-driven ideologies. Dr. Peña has worked for institutions of higher education and corporations in varying capacities to aid in the growth of organizations and support educational attainment goals. Originally from Cali, Colombia, Eddie, and his mother crossed the border for better opportunities and earned their US citizenship. Eddie utilizes his life experiences and knowledge of corporate America to engage with C-Suite to drive various equity initiatives that serve all stakeholder interests and drive sustainable education growth and outcomes.

Jon Bower

Jon Bower has been CEO of Lexia Learning Systems and Soliloquy Learning in reading software, it’s learning US in technology platforms, Young Broadcasters of America in oral language training, Avant Assessment in language assessment and Formativity in teacher training. He has worked in Nigeria, China, England, New Zealand, Australia, Nepal and Malaysia. Jon holds a BA in Development Process from Stanford where he participated in the International Development Education program (SIDEC), and an MBA from Harvard. He and Peter have worked together on and off since 2005, and he is also Curriculum Director for EdVigor, Inc. performing teacher training in Nigeria. He has twice served as a member of the Board of Directors of Learning Disabilities Worldwide.

Peter Dublin, Ed.D.

Dr. Peter Dublin holds a doctorate in Education, and has taught kindergarten, junior and senior high school, and graduate school. He has been developing educational software for over forty years, starting with the best-selling Bank Street Writer, which sold over 1,000,000 copies. Peter has consulted with the Ministries of Education in Botswana and South Africa on curriculum and technology innovation. Peter has authored more than twenty textbooks and hundreds of software titles, including fifteen apps in the Apple App Store. He is the designer of the Family Learning Company platform to deliver effective shared learning experiences. He was the publisher of the original “Classroom Computer News” (Now “Technology and Learning”).