Literacy software for non-profits


Bethune Family Literacy


Provides a complete reading and writing solution on a set of tablet computers that can be used anywhere and anytime.

Provides an opportunity to work in teams which accelerates learning, builds team problem solving skills, builds communications skills and makes learning more fun!

Puts students in charge of their own learning, motivating them, helping them learn to make decisions based on data and building independence.

Supports Spanish heritage learners by providing an opportunity to master their literacy skills in their first language and then transfer them to English.

Central Feature

Provides over 3,000 learning activities (games) covering all six elements of literacy called out in the research as necessary for success: phonemic awareness, decoding, vocabulary development, fluency, comprehension, and writing.

Other Features

Includes over 100 ebooks from various cultures in both English and in Spanish to provide content of interest to all types of learners.

Provides feedback and reports directly to the learners, teaching them to use feedback, make decisions about how to improve and create their own learning pathways.

Supported by Harlem Globetrotters Alumni and former NBA players as an effective approach to improving community-based education.

Bethune Literacy

Alfabetización de Bethune

Adult Literacy

Alfabetización de adultos