Elementary Family Literacy


Puts adults and young children in charge of their own learning, motivating them, helping them learn to make decisions, and building independence.

Provides an opportunity to work together across generations, which accelerates learning, builds familial relationships, builds communications skills and makes learning more fun!

Covers every reading skill necessary for proficiency, ensuring that adults fill in their skill gaps and children master all their skills to achieve the highest literacy levels possible.

Supports Spanish heritage learners by providing an opportunity to master their literacy skills in their first language and then transfer them to English.

Central Feature

Provides over 5,000 learning activities covering all six elements of literacy called out in the research as necessary for success: phonemic awareness, decoding, vocabulary development, fluency, comprehension and writing.

Other Features

Includes over 100 e-books in English and in Spanish to provide content of interest to all types of learners.

Includes over 100 life-skills readings for adults to provide content of interest to all levels and types of learners.

Provides feedback and reports directly to the learners, teaching them to use feedback and make decisions about how to improve and create their own learning pathways.

Enables learners control the look and feel of the program – adjusting it to fit their personal preference.

Elementary Literacy

Alfabetización Elemental

Adult Literacy

Alfabetización de adultos